Python SDK v5.0.0 is released!


It now supports:

  • Neural endpoints

  • Room Resources

  • Event Metadata

  • Nylas-API-Version header

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed as issue where the limit filter was not being used when making an .all() call.

  • Fixed an issue in drafts where the from_ field set by the attribute was ignored.

  • Removed bumpversion from a required dependency to an extra dependency.

  • Fixed an issue when converting offset-aware datetime objects to timestamp.

  • You can now add a tracking object to an existing draft.

⚠️ Breaking Changes ⚠️

  • All references of app_id and app_secret are now client_id and client_secret.

You should update your code to use the new variable names. Review the release for more on the authentication variables.

client = APIClient(