Nylas Scheduler is now mobile-friendly.

We added new configuration fields:

  • disableEditing - Accepts slug andavailable_days_in_future. Prevent users from editing the page slug and Available Days in the Future in the Scheduler Editor. Editor only.

  • thank_you_text_secondary - Replace the "You'll receive a confirmation email..." text on the booking page.

  • date - Date was added to additional_fields. Users can enter or select a date.

  • multi-select list - Give users a set of checkboxes to select from.

  • pattern - Validateadditonal_fields using regular expression. API only.

  • show_timezone_options - Hide the timezone selector on the Scheduling Page. When the timezone selector is hidden, the availability is shown in the user's timezone. API only.

  • ?prefilled_readonly=true - Any other form values passed in are un-editable by the user.


Version v0.0.37 is available

New Features

  • You can add hyperlinks in Composer.

  • Agenda will now issue a dateChangeevent when the date is changed.

Bug Fixes

  • We removed Composer's visible property. Use open() andclose() instead.


  • Clarified glob patterns for Components.

  • Fixed an issue where open hours were defined incorrectly.

  • Postman instructions were updated to include new screenshots.

  • We added query params for GET Drafts.