Nylas Java SDK v1.12.0 is released!


  • Added Outbox support

  • Added support for Components

  • Added support for Neural Categorizer

  • Added support for`calendar` field in free-busy, availability, and consecutive availability queries

  • Added field for`phone_number` in`Participant`

  • Bump supported API version to v2.4


Deprecated`checkFreeBusy(Instant, Instant, List<String>)` and`checkFreeBusy(Instant, Instant, String)` in favor of`checkFreeBusy(FreeBusyQuery)`

Bug Fixes

Fixed the null error message when`HostedAuthentication.fetchToken()` returns an API error.


Bug Fixes

  • The 400 error messages (user input) for /availability have a new message format. The types have not changed. We are now doing input validation and will return more robust error messages.

    "message": "emails.0: Not a valid string.",
    "type": "invalid_request_error"