Account Deletion

We have released a new endpoint DELETE /a/{client_id}/accounts/{id}, that lets you delete an account. Using account delete will make the account immediately unavailable and stop all billing. Learn more in our documentation.

Node SDK Version 5.4.0 Released

Version 5.4.0

  • A new metadata field was added to the Event model.

  • You can query by metadata_key, metadata_value, andmetadata_pair.

  • We updated Lodash, y18n, and Pug to the latest stable version.

New Message Updated Webhook

You can now get alerted when a message is updated. The message.updated webhook will fire when:

  • A message is starred or unstarred

  • A message is set to read or unread

  • A message is archived

  • The message folder is changed.

  • The message label is changed.

Learn more about the`message.updated` webhook in our documentation.