The documentation for the Agenda and Contact List were updated to include:

  • Quickstart using script tags for an even easier setup.

  • Contact List has an example with user-provided data.

Signature Endpoint

  • Separators such as —-, are removed.

  • Phrases such as “Sent from my iPhone” are removed.

  • UK phone numbers are supported.

Node.js SDK

Version 5.5.1 

We released a minor version of the Node.js SDK.

  • Fixed the tracking object not being added to a pre-existing draft object.

  • Removed the request dependencies and related import statements.

  • Fixed undefined response when downloading files.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where new accounts were syncing the entire inbox, even if the sync boundary was set to sync partial data.

  • We fixed a bug where we were not able to sync EAS accounts drafts folder. We are now able to sync drafts properly.

  • We fixed a bug in Scheduler where free time slots were not available for booking.