Ruby SDK

Version 5.1.10

We released a new version of our Ruby SDK.


  • We added support for read-only attributes.

  • We added save_all_attributes and update_all_attributes methods to support

nullifying attributes.

  • We added Event metadata.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed attribute assignments for deltas.

  • We fixed an issue where files couldn't be attached to drafts.

  • We fixed an exception raise when Content-Type is not JSON.

  • We fixed an issue where the draft version wouldn't update after update or save.

Node SDK

Version 5.5.0

We released a new version of our Node SDK.


  • We added a custom error class NylasApiError to add more error details returned from the API.

  • We added support for read-only fields.

  • We enabled Nylas API version 2.2 support.

Bug Fixes

  • We fixed a bug where saving a draft object with an undefined filesIds would throw an error.

  • We replaced the deprecated request library with node-fetch.

  • We fixed typings for classes that extend RestfulModelCollection or RestfulModelInstance.



  • The Schedule Editor's opening hours selector now validates that the start time is less than the end time. The validation prevents invalid meeting times.

  • Hours are displayed using AM and PM following US locale standards.

  • We added locale12HourTime: true/false, which allows you to change the clock between 12 hour and 24 hours displays.