Added the new Provider Detection endpoint. Use this endpoint to check if Nylas can detect the provider email settings.


Java v1.10.2 and Java v1.10.3 are released!

Java v1.10.2


  • Addressed the major log4j vulnerability and updated to v.2.17.0.

  • Added the false parameter when notifyParticipants is false.

Java v1.10.3


  • Added support for the forced_password Hosted Authentication setting.

  • Adding missing EMAIL scope.

  • Fixed a bug where saving an event without participants resulted in NullPointerException.

Python v5.4.1 is released!


  • Improved support for Application Details.

  • Fixed an issue where keyword arguments calling _update_resource weren’t correctly resolving to URL parameters.

Node v5.10.4 is released!


  • Fixed an issue for recurring events and notifications.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with syncing messages without to fields for Exchange accounts.

  • Fixed an issue with the account.invalid webhook not triggering.

  • Fixed an issue with Outlook accounts not being able to create an ICS file.

  • Fixed an issue with generating ICS files to show the correct event status.


  • Fixed an issue with the participant field missing when creating events using Scheduler.

  • Fixed an issue with Scheduler Page not loading when all-day events are in the calendar.

  • Fixed an issue with empty availability for opening_hours on the Scheduler Page.

  • Fixed an issue with the Scheduler Editor page not loading correctly.


  • Fixed an issue where changes to an organization’s name cause an error.

  • Fixed an issue with downloading job logs in the dashboard.


  • Fixed a bug with the From field in the Composer Component.