Node v6.1.0 is released!

npm, GitHub

  • Added support for Event to ICS.

  • Added comment and phoneNumber fields to EventParticipant.

  • Added support for calendar field in free-busy, availability, and consecutive availability queries.

  • Fixed an issue where properties of Model type were sending read-only attributes to the API.

Node v6.2.0 is released!

npm, GitHub

  • Added support for returning multiple messages by a list of message IDs.

  • Added new field in Draft for adding files by file IDs.

  • Added Webhook Notification models.

  • Improved Delta support: added Delta model and two new methods, since and longpoll.

  • Fix Virtual Calendar logic and serialization.

Python v.5.5.0 is released!

PyPi, GitHub

  • Added support for Event to ICS.

  • Enabled full payload response for exchanging the token for code.

Java v.1.11.2 is released!

Maven, GitHub

  • Removed use of`okhttp3.internal` library.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue where email aren’t sending correctly after enabling tracking.


  • Fixed an issue with metadata queries using the offset query-string parameter.