Nylas Updates August 6, 2021

We’ve been working hard to make Nylas even better!


Java SDK

Version 1.8.0 is released.


  • Supports Nylas API version 2.2

  • Added event metadata

  • Added RoomResources

  • Added missing getters for Event.Recurrence fields

  • Add support for Neural API Sentiment Analysis, OCR, Signature Extraction, and Clean Conversations

  • Add getters for Time.timezone, Timespan.start_timezone, Timespan.end_timezone


  • Components are now available in our EU and Canada dashboards!

  • Message Tracking is now supported.

   tracking = {
        "links": true,
        "opens": true,
        "thread_replies": true,
        "payload": "Tracking enabled"
    document.querySelector("nylas-composer").tracking = tracking;


  • The Scheduler is now available in the EU!

  • You can change the modal title in the Scheduler Editor.

style: {
  tintColor: '#FF0000',
  backgroundColor: '#111111',
  modalTitle: "Select an Event"


Bug Fixes


  • Previously, single day events extracted from .ics files, returned as multi-day events. Now when returning those events, the when objects reflect the correct information.

New Behavior

"when": {
            "date": "2021-06-06",
            "object": "date"


when: {
      end_date: '2021-06-12',
      object: 'datespan',
      start_date: '2021-06-12'
  • We fixed a bug where Google contacts were not being synced back to the provider.


  • We fixed a bug where email addresses that contained periods did not return.