Event Metadata is now out of beta!

Event metadata lets you attach key-value pairs to event objects. Use it to store information such as customer ID, internal event data, and other information. Review our Event Metadata documentation to get started.

    "account_id": "{account_id}",
    "busy": true,
    "calendar_id": "{calendar_id}",
    "description": "Let's Party!!!",
    "ical_uid": null,
    "id": "6ndts0aut32bzrfd9dmzma1fr",
    "job_status_id": "{job_status_id}",
    "location": "Roller Rink",
    "message_id": null,
    "metadata": {
        "event_type": "birthday",
        "internal_event_id": "b55469dk",
        "number_of_guests": 55
    "object": "event",
    "owner": "Albert Einstein <al@particletech.com>",
    "participants": [
            "comment": null,
            "email": "tom@brightideas.com",
            "name": "Thomas Edison",
            "status": "noreply"
    "read_only": false,
    "status": "confirmed",
    "title": "Birthday Party",
    "when": {
        "end_time": 1615334400,
        "object": "timespan",
        "start_time": 1615330800