Nylas changelog
Nylas changelog

Nylas Updates April 15 2021

We've been busy making Nylas even better.


We have released a new dashboard feature that lets you search in the dashboard for information. Look for account information, logs, and account settings. Use the keyboard, CTRL + K or CMD + K to search without needing to stop your workflow.

Review the documentation to get started.



Version 0.0.31 is released!

New Features

We added a close button to the Composer cc and bcc input so they can be hidden.

Bug Fixes

  • Previously Composer did not fire fileUpload hooks if no component ID was provided.
  • Composer no longer sends emails without a recipient.



  • We added a not_in filter for Threads. Use the filter for messages not in a given folder or label. The filter supports the name, display, or ID of a folder or label.
  • GET Message by ID now accepts multiple messages separated by a comma.
curl --request GET \
  --url 'https://api.nylas.com/messages/{message_id},{message_id},{message_id}' \
  --header 'Accept: application/json' \
  --header 'authorization: Bearer {access_token}'


  • The docs for Message and Threads were updated to clarify the use of the in filter. You can use in to return Drafts.
  • The documentation for Components was updated to add a method of authorization for multiple accounts.
  • The documentation on Views was reorganized to make the information easier to read.
  • Client Secret was removed from Hosted Authentication since it's not required to complete the Hosted Authentication flow.

Nylas Components

Nylas Components are prebuilt UI elements you drop into any application. Create an easy-to-use, beautiful UX with just a few lines of code.

  • Drop them in any framework
  • They are responsive out the box
  • Only a few lines of code for a fully working UI

Review the documentation to get started.


The Agenda Component uses the Calendar API to display your event data in a simple interface.



The Composer Component uses the Nylas Outbox endpoint, giving you the ability to write and send emails.


Contact List

The Contact List Component uses the Nylas Contacts API to display a list of your contacts.


Microsoft Calendar Support

Our Microsoft Integration received a major update. Nylas now supports calendar actions for EWS. You can:

  • Create a new calendar. We support the name field only.
  • Get a list of calendars
  • Get a calendar by ID
  • Delete calendars

Take a look at our Calendar API to get started.

Improved Neural Endpoints Response Time

We've been working hard on making the Neural endpoints even better. The response time for the Signature and Conversation can be reduced to 300 ms if the message_id was used previously. This means if you make a request Signature and then to Conversation, we cache the results, and the results from Conversation return faster.

iCloud CRUD Now Supported

Nylas has been working hard to improve our iCloud integration. We now support full CRUD for iCloud. You can use iCloud accounts to:

Check out our iCloud documentation to get started.

Scheduler Updates

Event Duration

You book events for less than 15 minutes. When the event is less than 15 minutes, the week view is removed.


We added several new configuration options:

  • booking.additional_guest_emails_allowed
  • behavior.disableViewingPages
  • locale_for_guests
  • appearance.show_week_view


Remove the additional guest's field from the confirmation page. Prevent guests from adding additional email addresses.

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 4.09.01 PM.png


Remove the View and Copy Link from the Scheduler Editor. Pass the option to nylas.scheduler.show.

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 4.16.51 PM.png


When the locale is specified, guests are not able to switch the browser locale.

Available values:

  • en
  • es
  • fr
  • de
  • zh-cn


Hide the show week view on the Scheduler Booking Page.

Screen Shot 2021-03-01 at 4.40.18 PM.png

Java SDK Version 1.5 is here!

What's New

Support for creating and updating event timezones.

⚠️ Deprecation Notice ⚠️

The RestfulQuery methods addParameters and copyAtNewOffsetLimit are deprecated. We will remove the methods from the public API documentation in the future.

Categorizer Endpoint is Even Faster

We've been working hard to make the Nylas Neural APIs even better. Categorizer responses are now up to 75% faster. Check out the documentation to get started.

Nylas Workflows

Nylas has released a new API endpoint, Workflows. Workflows make it easier to create integrations and lessen development time.

We’ve released 2 workflows to start with:

  • Create Event Reminder - Create an event, then send participants reminders through email, SMS, or webhooks.
  • Omni Channel Notifications - Send notifications to users through email, SMS, or webhooks.

Our webhooks notifications and reminders only need a URL to send reminders. Integrate with third-party applications like Slack and Teams.

Learn more about Workflows and setting up your first Workflow in our documentation.

Nylas Updates February 12, 2021


We added a new field:

  • images_as_markdown- Images will return formatted as markdown. If set to false images are returned as HTML.


We added 2 new fields:

  • images_as_markdown- Images will return formatted as markdown. If set to false images are returned as HTML.
  • parse_contacts - By default, a contact object is returned, including phone number, email, job_title, and url. To disable this behavior, set it to false.
        "contact": {
            "job_title": [
                "Director of Engineering"
            "link": [
                    "description": "Albert Einstein",
                    "url": "https://www.example.com/"
                    "description": "+1.234.567.8901",
                    "url": "tel:+12345678901"
            "phone": [

Dashboard Status

Now we surface failed events in the dashboard. Surfacing events will make it even easier to debug accounts.