Nylas changelog
Nylas changelog

Categorizer Endpoint is Even Faster

We've been working hard to make the Nylas Neural APIs even better. Categorizer responses are now up to 75% faster. Check out the documentation to get started.

Nylas Workflows

Nylas has released a new API endpoint, Workflows. Workflows make it easier to create integrations and lessen development time.

We’ve released 2 workflows to start with:

  • Create Event Reminder - Create an event, then send participants reminders through email, SMS, or webhooks.
  • Omni Channel Notifications - Send notifications to users through email, SMS, or webhooks.

Our webhooks notifications and reminders only need a URL to send reminders. Integrate with third-party applications like Slack and Teams.

Learn more about Workflows and setting up your first Workflow in our documentation.

Nylas Updates February 12, 2021


We added a new field:

  • images_as_markdown- Images will return formatted as markdown. If set to false images are returned as HTML.


We added 2 new fields:

  • images_as_markdown- Images will return formatted as markdown. If set to false images are returned as HTML.
  • parse_contacts - By default, a contact object is returned, including phone number, email, job_title, and url. To disable this behavior, set it to false.
        "contact": {
            "job_title": [
                "Director of Engineering"
            "link": [
                    "description": "Albert Einstein",
                    "url": "https://www.example.com/"
                    "description": "+1.234.567.8901",
                    "url": "tel:+12345678901"
            "phone": [

Dashboard Status

Now we surface failed events in the dashboard. Surfacing events will make it even easier to debug accounts.


OCR Endpoint Released

Nylas has released a new endpoint for our Neural API, Optical Character Recognition. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) uses machine learning to extract information from email attachments and return the information in a machine-readable format. Pull data from resumes, receipts, and other PDF attachments without needing to be a machine learning specialist. Review the OCR documentation to get started.

Nylas On-Prem Released

Deploy Nylas on your own infrastructure. You don’t have to worry about sharing sensitive information; providing your users with peace of mind. You'll be able to use our API locally for emails, contacts, and calendars as well as authenticating your users using the Nylas Dashboard.

You can deploy using AWS or Google Cloud Platform. The entire deployment process is simplified and can be completed within a few hours by following the on-screen prompts. Read more about the Nylas On-Prem in our documentation.

Nylas API Updates February 2, 2021

Neural API

Categorizer now uses fastText. Using the fastText pre-trained models we can improve how we categorize your emails.

Connectivity APIs

We fixed a bug with Gmail scheduled send. Previously, emails scheduled in Gmail to be sent later would return a label error when we tried to sync the message. Now we are able to sync the scheduled message and apply an empty label. When the message is sent, then the label is updated to the appropriate status on sync.

Neural API Updates 01-25-2021


  • We fixed a bug where Yahoo messages were not parsed correctly.

Categorizer Updates

  • A new field, only_category, was added. Use this to return an abridged version of the API response.
  "account_id": ""**********",",
  "categorized_at: 1608244650.0782313,
  "category": "feed"
  "id": ""**********","
  "model_version": "1734dc47"
  • The number of messages you can categorize is 5.

Review the Categorizer reference.

Clean Conversation and Signature Update

We added new fields to our Clean Conversation and Signature Extraction endpoints to help you get the data you want.

  • ignore_links - Remove links in the conversation or signature.
  • ignore_images - Remove images in the conversation or signature.
  • ignore_tables - Remove tables in the conversation or signature.
  • remove_conclusion_phrases - Remove phrases such as best and regards in the signature.

Review our Clean Conversation and Sigature Extraction reference.

Sync Policy

Our new Sync Policy lets you set data and webhook sync limits. Use our Sync Policy to decide how much data to sync and our Webhook Policy to determine when to send webhooks for synced data. Control the data sync and webhooks for messages, contacts, threads, and events. Learn more about Sync Policy in our documentation.

Scheduler Updates

We've made some updates to give the Nylas Scheduler even more functionality.

Custom Domains

Custom domains are supported if you are using a CNAME or an iframe. Just add the domain to your Scheduler configuration. Learn more about custom domains.

  pageDomain: 'https://schedule.myco.com/pages',
  auth: {
    accessToken: accessToken,

Set Account Opening Hours

You can specify opening hours for each account using Scheduler. Add the account_id when setting opening hours. Learn more about account open hours.

"booking": {  
  "opening_hours": [  
      "days": ["M", "T", "W", "R", "F"],  
      "start": "09:00",  
      "end": "17:00"  
      "account_id": "********",  
      "days": ["S"],  
      "start": "09:00",  
      "end": "17:00"  
      "account_id": "********",  
      "days": ["M"],  
      "start": "17:00",  
      "end": "21:00"  

External Confirmation

Use the external confirmation method when you want to control the entire booking experience. The external configuration method will redirect the guest to the thank you page after choosing a slot, no booking is created, and no emails are sent. Learn more about the external confirmation method.

Virtual Calendars

Scheduler supports Virtual Calendars account_ids. Learn more about Virtual Calendars and Scheduler.

Outbox Endpoint

We have released a new Outbox Endpoint that gives you the ability to send and schedule emails.

Schedule Messages

Schedule messages using send_at.

curl --location --request POST 'https://api.nylas.com/outbox' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <access_token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "subject": "Welcome to Nylas!,
    "send_at": 1608156000,
    "to": [
            "email": "dorothy@spacetech.com",
            "name": "Dorothy"
    "from": [
            "name": "kat@spacetech.com",
            "email": "Katherine"
    "body": "This email was sent using the Nylas email API. Visit https://nylas.com for details."

Improved Deliverability

Emails are more likely to be delivered due to error handling. When we receive a 429, we keep trying on the provider side.

Manage Your Outbox

Outbox is integrated with Webhooks and Job Status, so you can get updates, delete messages, or change the scheduled send time.