Sync Policy

Our new Sync Policy lets you set data and webhook sync limits. Use our Sync Policy to decide how much data to sync and our Webhook Policy to determine when to send webhooks for synced data. Control the data sync and webhooks for messages, contacts, threads, and events. Learn more about Sync Policy in our documentation.

Scheduler Updates

We've made some updates to give the Nylas Scheduler even more functionality.

Custom Domains

Custom domains are supported if you are using a CNAME or an iframe. Just add the domain to your Scheduler configuration. Learn more about custom domains.{
  pageDomain: '',
  auth: {
    accessToken: accessToken,

Set Account Opening Hours

You can specify opening hours for each account using Scheduler. Add the account_id when setting opening hours. Learn more about account open hours.

"booking": {  
  "opening_hours": [  
      "days": ["M", "T", "W", "R", "F"],  
      "start": "09:00",  
      "end": "17:00"  
      "account_id": "********",  
      "days": ["S"],  
      "start": "09:00",  
      "end": "17:00"  
      "account_id": "********",  
      "days": ["M"],  
      "start": "17:00",  
      "end": "21:00"  

External Confirmation

Use the external confirmation method when you want to control the entire booking experience. The external configuration method will redirect the guest to the thank you page after choosing a slot, no booking is created, and no emails are sent. Learn more about the external confirmation method.

Virtual Calendars

Scheduler supports Virtual Calendars account_ids. Learn more about Virtual Calendars and Scheduler.

Outbox Endpoint

We have released a new Outbox Endpoint that gives you the ability to send and schedule emails.

Schedule Messages

Schedule messages using send_at.

curl --location --request POST '' \
--header 'Authorization: Bearer <access_token>' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{
    "subject": "Welcome to Nylas!,
    "send_at": 1608156000,
    "to": [
            "email": "",
            "name": "Dorothy"
    "from": [
            "name": "",
            "email": "Katherine"
    "body": "This email was sent using the Nylas email API. Visit for details."

Improved Deliverability

Emails are more likely to be delivered due to error handling. When we receive a 429, we keep trying on the provider side.

Manage Your Outbox

Outbox is integrated with Webhooks and Job Status, so you can get updates, delete messages, or change the scheduled send time.

Nylas Neural API

The Nylas Neural API gives you the ability to use machine learning against any data in Nylas. We have released 3 new APIs to help you take advantage of complex AI in minutes.


The Categorize endpoint classifies emails by purpose, function, or type. Emails are sorted by conversation or email sent by humans and feed or emails sent by a computer.

Clean Conversations

The Conversation endpoint removes unnecessary content from emails such as company logos, legal language, HTML, signatures, and nested responses to return a clean message body. It’s the simplest way to extract email text that’s a part of a human-to-human conversation.

Signature Extraction

The Signature endpoint extracts a sender’s email signature to parse important contact information like name, email, and address.

Read the documentation to learn how easy it is to integrate these into your workflow.

Java SDK Updates

The Java SDK was updated to support Calendar and Job Status.

We now support:


Job Status

Calendar Availability and Consecutive Availability

We've launched 2 new endpoints to help you manage calendar availability; Availability and Consecutive Availability.

Availability will help you check multiple calendars for open times for a single meeting.

Consecutive Availability can check availability for multiple meetings with multiple participants. Consecutive Availability will help you build itineraries where participants with the same availability are combined.

With these endpoints, you can make a single request to check availability for participants inside and outside of your organization.

Read more about Calendar Availability in our documentation.

Dashboard Release for Canada and Ireland

New Dashboard!

We have released our new dashboard for customers in Ireland and Canada! The Nylas dashboard was redesigned to make managing your applications easier and faster.


Documentation Updates

The Office 365 OAuth Setup was updated with new screenshots and permissions steps.

Historical Webhooks

Nylas now supports historical data triggers. Decide if you want to get webhooks for messages, threads, calendars, events, or contacts when you connect an account. Log in to your Nylas account to configure your webhooks and triggers.

Read our documentation to learn more about Historical Webhooks.

Scheduler Localization

Nylas Scheduler

Nylas Scheduler is now available in French, English, German, and Spanish. You can configure the editor to be in the language of your choice and participants can select their language when booking.

Read our Scheduler Localization documentation to find out more.


Virtual Calendars

Virtual Calendars now supports recurring events.

Documentation Updates

Deltas, Message Tracking, and Webhooks were updated to have more examples and explain how to use them.

CSV Log Downloads

You can download your logs from your Nylas Dashboard now! Logs are available for API, Webhooks, Mailsync, Auth, and Syncback. You can download 1,000, 5,000, or 10,000 logs at a time.

Log in to your dashboard to start downloading.

Give Your Feedback On the Docs

We launched a new feedback tool, that allows you to select the areas you want to provide feedback for.


Scheduler Updates

We’ve made a lot of updates to our Scheduler to improve speed and useability.


Smart Scheduler supports up to 200 participants

Our Smart Scheduler now lets you find availability between 200 participants using the round robin feature.

Meetings booked with Google or Office 365 now show in calendars

Previously, when creating meetings with Scheduler, participants would not see the meeting in their calendar. Nylas now sends the booking confirmation email with an .ics file. Google and Office 365 users will have the meetings automatically added to their calendars.

Cancellation emails are now sent

When a calendar event booked through Scheduler is cancelled by either the event owner or the participant a Booking Cancelled email is sent.



Availability now loads in less than 1 second

Performance is now 2x faster since we allow cached calendars to be displayed and only update the information as you edit the pages.

Auto Schedule can be turned on or off

We added the ability to turn the auto schedule feature on and off by adding the show_autoschedule: false configuration.


          defaults: {
            event: {
              title: "30-min Coffee Meeting",
              duration: 30
            appearance: {
              color: "#0068D3",
              company_name: "Nylas",
              show_nylas_branding: true,
              submit_text: "",
              show_autoschedule: false


Required checkboxes perform validation

Previously, checkboxes that were set as required still let participants schedule meetings. The behavior has been fixed and Scheduler now performs validation before allowing the participant to continue.

Re-authenticated accounts can be deleted or booked in Scheduler

Previously, when an account was re-authenticated, the Scheduler pages were inaccessible. The pages could not be booked or deleted. Now, when an account is re-authenticated the Scheduler pages are available to use as normal.

Missing account names removed from booking confirmations

Previously, when a booking confirmation was sent, the account name was missing. Now the name is omitted when the booking confirmation is sent.


Multiple calendars did not show correctly

Previously, when multiple calendars were selected, they would not display the calendar name. Now, each calendar name is displayed.